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A New Darkthrone Song? Don’t Mind If I Do!


Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder

I think we all let out a collective “UNGH!” when Darkthrone announced their new album Arctic Thunder last week. That Darkthrone are still around making music is cool; that the music is so killer is exceptional.

Well, now you can hear the first new track from Arctic Thunder! It’s called “Tundra Leach,” and it starts with a spoken intro and outro by Fenriz, who gives you a little inside information about the track (as he mentions, he doesn’t ever analyze lyrics or anything) before launching you right into the song. And man, the track just slays: chainsaw-riffed black thrash metal, channeling both the band’s recent albums like Circle The Wagons and their nasty transitional efforts like The Cult Is Alive. And holy fuck, the solo that kicks in a little after the halfway mark…

Are you still reading this? Fuck that! Listen to “Tundra Leach” below. The minute we know Arctic Thunder‘s release date, we’ll pass on the information to you.

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