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Here’s the Psychedelic Animated Video for Amy Lee’s New Children’s Song “Dream Too Much”


Did anyone know Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee was releasing a children’s album inspired by her two-year-old son Jack? I did not, but according to Rolling Stone, that’s the case. Lee has now released a video for the title track from the Amazon Music-exclusive record, Dream Too Much, which you can watch below.

The “Dream Too Much” video is a solid reminder that children’s ideas and those of people on mushrooms are all too similar. Animated with construction paper cut-outs, the mindtrip of “Dream Too Much” surrounds the viewer with raining grapes, flying PB&J sandwiches, watermelon towers, sleeping muffins, and space bunnies. It’s a very sweet and well-animated video with the message that you can never dream too much. Aw.

Something to note, too is, that Amy Lee making a kids’ album conflicts with her rock star personality. While writing this piece, I kept trying to think of ways to say, “How is it the musician who did ____ is now making an album for children?”, and I kept failing to fill that blank with anything incendiary. Evanescence’s music was melodramatic and gothy, but never violent or inappropriate; if anything, it always felt very Christian in that same way Black Sabbath’s music does. Even her Revolver Hottest Chicks In Metal photos were relatively tame. This could be a big thing for Lee. She could be the goth Wiggles.

Anyway, rally your toddlers or chow down those acid-drop sugarcubes you have in the freezer (don’t do both) and check out the “Dream Too Much” video below. Amy Lee’s album of the same name drops September 30th via Amazing Music; you can pre-order it here.

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