Here’s a Video of a Bunch of Catholics Listening to Immortal


If you weren’t already aware of the dank meme that is New Catholic Generation, they recently posted a video on their YouTube channel discussing Norwegian black metal. If that doesn’t sound hilarious already just wait until their local metal know-it-all Ned starts discussing the infamous subgenre of “Blood Metal.” What in the fuck is blood metal? Someone should start pioneering that right away.

The majority of the video is just a bunch of young adults sitting around discussing Immortal’s track “All Shall Fall”. The kinds of reactions they have to the music are probably pretty similar to the first look your mother gave you when you blasted Marilyn Manson too loud back when you were trying to be a middle school edgelord. Not much here is analyzed from a Catholic perspective; Ned just says to stay away from it over and over again then starts to rant about Disturbed and David Draiman for some reason. That being said, there is a hilarious bit where he imitates Draiman’s signature monkey screech.

The video gets really juicy when one of the hosts starts reading about the church burnings and murders that happened in the early ’90s. They compare the genre to violent video games, saying “Like a violent video game… have the realization it’s just a game. You don’t actually go out and do whatever you’re doing in the game in the same way you shouldn’t ever do something like that.” Good on them for that realization, at least. Unfortunately, it’s only addressed briefly before Ned champions Disturbed for the 500th time.

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