Protest the Hero Release Documentary Series Chronicling the Creation of Volition

  • Axl Rosenberg

While we salivate over more details for the wide release of their most recent EP, Pacific Myth, here’s some new goodness from Protest the Hero to tide us over: Of Our Own Volition, a six-part documentary series about… well, here, I’ll let the band explain it:

“This is a documentary series about the creation of our last full length album, ‘Volition.’ It covers every aspect of the album cycle from song-writing all the way up to the final show. This is your ticket to discovering how we write, record, release, and support an album. It’s also a behind the scenes and historical exploration of where we came from and where the frig we are headed!”

The price for Of Our Own Volition is tasty, too: it’s either three bucks an episode or all six episodes for fifteen bucks. Considering the total running time of all six episodes combines is 135 minutes, I’d say that’s a steal. It’s a feature length movie! About a cool band! Making a cool album! Why wouldn’t you wanna watch this?

You can check out a trailer for Of Our Own Volition below, then go here to buy it.

[via The PRP]

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