Glenn Danzig Wanted to be a Pro-Wrestler


Glenn Danzig, the man that just can’t seem to take a joke yet somehow manages to make himself the butt of all of them, recently revealed that he wanted to be a professional wrestler. This new and hilarious insight comes from the podcast Talk is Jericho, hosted by WWE star Chris Jericho (as if you couldn’t have guessed that).

Here’s his exact quote:

“I wanted to be a wrestler. But I didn’t think I was big enough. Then I met some wrestlers and I’m like, ‘I could’ve been a wrestler.’ But it all worked out pretty good in the end.

“In high school I used to wrestle and then I saw my friend’s arm snap when he fell in a wrong hold. He had metal pins in three spots and I was like, ‘I think I’m gonna go back to my band.’

“I guess it’s better that I wasn’t… but I get about the same amount of injuries as you guys!”

Does Danzig really get as many injuries as wrestlers? The last thing I remember reading about that resembled an injury was the incident where he was knocked out. Other than that, it’s just his pride that seems to be hurt the most.

But here’s my real question: considering the Misfits just reunited, why not incorporate some wrestling antics into the set? Go ahead and choreograph a rasslin’ match to “Die, Die My Darling,” or “Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?”. Even better, guest star in an episode of RAW while wearing a Misfits shirt. People would lose their minds, Glenn. LOSE THEIR MINDS!

I’m gonna need you guys to post your best Danzig wrestling name below. Thanks.

[via Team Rock]

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