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Danzig is Recording New Material, Has Another Covers Album in the Can


I’m a big fan of Danzig — even his unsung albums — but last year’s covers EP, Skeletons, was pretty terrible. I’m sure it fulfilled some personal desire of Glenn’s to pay homage to Bowie (before the rocker’s death, of course), and hey, a covers EP isn’t necessarily meant to be groundbreaking, but man, still, what a crappy record.

So hopefully, that’s the last we hear of bad old-school rock covers by Glennnnevermind, apparently, Danzig has Danzig Sings Elvis in the can and ready for release:

Man, every time we try to get away, Danzig pulls us back in.

The good news is that Glenn Danzig has basically been doing an Elvis impression for most of his career, so an album of Glenn covering the King won’t be as much of an ambitious reach as covering Bowie. And hey, if you’ve been doing this as long as Danzig has, you’re welcome to do whatever you want — you’ve earned it. But is the dude unaware of what a train wreck Skeletons was? Maybe a short break from covers is in order. I don’t know, are any of you guys super excited for a Danzig-does-Elvis album?

Oh yeah, also, there’s apparently also a new full-length Danzig album on the way, and given how decent Death Red Sabaoth was, I’m interested to hear it. Hopefully, it will be a step up from Skeletons, but that shouldn’t be hard.

[via Loudwire]

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