Ghost’s “Square Hammer” Video is a Masterpiece


When Ghost first came on the scene, I was pleased to discover I wasn’t alone in finding them subpar. Their guitars weren’t heavy enough, their songs felt aimless, and most of all, I hated the vocals. But one by one, I watched the folks on my team fall to the band’s power–the live show was cool, the retro vibe was fun, they actually dug the singing. Soon, I began to think I would be the only anti-Ghost holdout.

And then, this morning, I saw the video for “Square Hammer,” the track they released this week.

And I fell, hard.

The “Square Hammer” video is a combination of everything I love: big fictional cities, bats, superheroes, vampire movies (Nosferatu and 1931’s Dracula in particular), magical realism, Halloween, old-school Hollywood, and, as a cherry on top, powerful hard rock about the Devil. It is the kind of video that every band in the ’80s who dressed up in fedoras and suits to promote a song wishes they could have made. It was a pleasure to watch; once I’m done writing this post, I’m going to do so again and again.

Below, for your viewing pleasure, is the “Square Hammer” video. The band’s new EP, Popestar, is out today via Loma Vista. You can order it here. Congratulations, Ghost — you got me.

[via Rock Feed]

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