The Gears of War 4 Trailer Features a Soft Rock Cover of “Nothing Else Matters”


All right, Gears of War 4! Nothing like a new chapter in the epic saga of humanity’s war against the Locust! Let’s bring on the big guns with what appear to be Carcass bottle openers at the end of them! You know what the launch trailer for this game calls for? Some crushing heavy metal! Huge, meaty riffs that sound like bullets against shoulder armor–

Huh? We’re actually just getting…a watered-down soft rock cover of a latter-day Metallica song? Oh. Well, um. Sure, guns and the like, still, I just…was hoping for real metal…you know what, nevermind. Yay the Black Album, I guess!

The song in the GoW 4 trailer is a cover of “Nothing Else Matters” performed by Lissie, an American folk-rock singer-songwriter, who, though she didn’t necessarily start with the most aggressive of Metallica tunes, somehow finds a way to knock all the teeth out of the track.  The result is a fine trailer for a cool-looking game which could’ve been a massive and awesome trailer for a cool-looking game. But hey, who wants to listen to heavy metal? Certainly not fans of a gaming franchise about heavily-armed soldiers blowing away monsters.

Watch the Gears of War 4 trailer below, followed by Lissie’s video for “Nothing Else Matters.”

[via Metal Hammer]

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