You Can Take a “Libertarian Philosophy 101” Skype Lesson with Phil Labonte for Only $350!


All That Remains have launched a pre-order campaign for their 8th studio album, which they plan to release in 2017. The crowd-funding effort offers a number of perks for backers, each of whom also receive access to a special behind-the-scenes areas of the site, including the usual array of CDs, merch items, things with autographs on them, instrument lessons, “dinner with the band,” etc.

And then there’s this: a “Libertarian Philosophy 101” Skype lesson with ATR mouthpiece / whackadoo gun nut Phil Labonte. For three-hundred-and-fucking-fifty dollars.

Phil Labonte Skype lesson

On the surface, $350 for an hour-long chat with Labonte is absurd. But when you think about it, its very existence is a perfect lesson in the failings of the libertarianism ideal: those like Phil who already have money and are in a position of privilege are able to leverage that privilege for continued financial gain while the less fortunate are expected to simply “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” without any help from the government. Good thing Phil’s life hasn’t benefitted AT ALL from the betterment of society overall thanks to public education (and has nothing to do with the existence of Antares Auto-Tune) and he achieved all that fame by his lonesome. Free market, baby!

Also of note: ATR have made more of the “Libertarian Philosophy 101” packages available, and raised the price for $250, since Toilet ov Hell picked up the story a few days back. These must’ve been hot sellers. More lessons in the free market!

Not sure about you guys, but I’ve gotten “lessons” from Labonte on Twitter for free. Until he blocked me. But then I logged out, so now I can see his Tweets again. Take THAT, Labonte! Bucking the system. Now excuse me while I go enjoy things like the Internet, roads, and my public school education that the government provided for me.

I say we start our own crowd-funding campaign to raise $350 to buy one of these to chat with Phil, and then we film the results. Who’s in? Donations accepted at [email protected]! Free market! Yeah!

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