Lotus Thief’s Stunning “Idisi” is Certainly Very, Very Different


Lotus Thief’s stated goal for their new album Gramarye, their sophomore effort, was to create “something entirely different and beautiful in its own new way.” In that they have been remarkably successful. 

Lotus Thief’s multifaceted music is so “entirely different and beautiful” that it doesn’t have an obvious descriptive starting point. There’s an atmospheric element, not uncommon amongst many of their label-mates on Prophecy Productions. There are tastes of post-rock, and black metal and prog and…

Fuck it, that it’s featured here should tell you all you need to know, so just listen and your ears will do the rest. I haven’t been able to stop listening to my promo of Gramarye since it landed in my inbox last week, so stream “Idisi” below and see what you think. It’ll probably be one of the most interesting things you’ve heard in a while.

Gramarye is out now; stream the full album and order it on Bandcamp.

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