Staind’s Aaron Lewis Is One Of These Idiots Who Cares Way Too Much About Colin Kaepernick


As you all know, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been taking a knee during the Star-Spangled Banner as an act of protest against what he perceives to be the oppression of black people in America. To which I and anyone with common sense says, Who the fuck cares? Unless you’re in Vegas betting on whether or not Kaepernick will stand for the National Anthem, it doesn’t alter your life in the slightest, and it doesn’t hurt anyone.

But Staind’s Aaron Lewis, who can’t even remember the words to the National Anthem, is not the kind of person to come to such a logical conclusion. In Lewis’ mind, Kaepernick taking a knee is all about him, and it’s ruining his life, and America, somehow.

In a recent interview with Radio.com, Lewis said the following:

“It absolutely infuriates me. And it makes me even more angry that the NFL, which is so intertwined into this nation, is allowing it to take place–that they’re not benching him, they’re not financially penalizing him every time he doesn’t stand… That is a direct slap against the country that makes the NFL as great as it is.”

What? No, it’s not. It’s a peaceful protest. Kaepernick doesn’t even do or say anything, he just doesn’t do something.

“The rest of the world, for the most part, doesn’t even care about football; their football is soccer. And for the NFL to just sit back and allow him to do that without any sort of penalty or repercussion, I don’t understand that.”

A penalty for what? Sitting out the Star-Spangled Banner isn’t illegal. I’ve been to plenty of football games where people don’t stand for the National Anthem because it would upset the placement of their chicken tenders. Standing is optional. Who cares?

“He’s invoking his right to do what he believes, but this is where freedom and liberty get a little bit skewed. Your freedom and your liberty to do that, on the reverse side, is my freedom and liberty to not have to deal with it, and to not have it affect my life.”

a) Not how freedom works, you butthole. b) How does it affect your life? If you don’t like it, ignore it. Same with offensive heavy metal.

“And that’s the give-and-take of freedom — yeah, you’re free to do whatever you wanna do, but I’m also free from the consequences of your actions. And that’s kind of been lost in the definition of freedom, because the consequences are the key thing that everybody just kind of… everything gets a little skewed there.”

WHAT CONSEQUENCES? Did one of your children watch Colin Kaepernick take a knee the other day, and then turn to you and say, “Only through radical Islam can America be destroyed”?

Here’s what I get from this: Lewis doesn’t like being made to think. The point of Kaepernick’s protest, if there is one, is to raise awareness about a complicated issue, and for Lewis to have to consider the many sides and moving parts of that issue is an affront to his everyday life. Because if you’re a fan of a sport where grown men concuss themselves into mental illness and get away with sexual assault and murder, giving a shit about a guy not wanting to stand for the National Anthem is the dumbest fucking thing.

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