Iron Maiden “Eddie” Masks are Here Just in Time for Halloween!


Slipknot masks not your thing? Are those Ghost masks a bit too obscure for your friends? (or, depending on who you’re friends with, too mainstream?)

Lucky for you Iron Maiden masks are here just in time for Halloween, and as cool as it’d be to run around town dressed at Bruce Bruce — the frontman, the aviator, or the philanthropist version — these new masks, available at Trick or Treat Studios, depict Maiden’s lovable long-time mascot, Eddie.

The best part is that there are a number of different options, each coinciding with a different era of Eddie; I doubt very many folks will buy the Book of Souls version (although you never know), but the Piece of Mind, Killers and Powerslave ones sure are sweet and are sure to fly off the shelves. There’s even a full costume available for Piece of Mind Eddie, although it seems like the kind of thing where you’re better off just buying the mask and making the rest from items already in your wardrobe.

Get your Eddie masks here. They look real purdy! Really, though, don’t be that smart-ass that buys the Book of Souls one — it’d be like that time Maiden toured and played A Matter of Life and Death in full — no one wants that!

[via The PRP]

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