Varg Vikernes Slams Euronymous and Venom in New Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

Nothing says “class” like talking shit about a man you murdered twenty-three years ago, and Varg Vikernes is nothing if not classy. Thus, in his latest rambling video — this one entitled “About a day in 1993 that changed Black Metal forever” [sic] — Vikernes spends a great deal of time discussing how Euronymous (né Øystein Aarseth) was a pussy, a poseur, envious of Vikernes, and a horrible businessperson to boot. Vikernes also credits himself for making black metal world famous. The best part, though, comes towards the end of the thirteen-minute-long video nobody asked Vikernes to make, when, without a hint of irony, he criticizes Euronymous for being “an attention whore.” I’d say it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but I don’t want Vikernes to kill me for daring to imply he’s not caucasian.

Vikernes also digresses in the middle of the clip to assert that he despises Venom and explain why he was wearing a Venom shirt in those infamous photos from his youth (like the one at the top of his post). But he didn’t stab any members of Venom sixteen times in the back and then claim it was self-defense, so that part doesn’t seem as dumb.

Anyway, here, have a few yucks on the attention whore:

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