Exclusive Video Premiere: The Last Ten Seconds of Life, “Little Black Line”


It’s all about the groove.

As deathcore has evolved, the bands that have had the most continued success have shied away from generic, mosh-inducing breakdowns and subbed deep, crushing grooves in their place. This may explain why, nearly ten years in, the genre is still going strong; as its fanbase grows older and demands more sophisticated music, so too must the musicians making it adapt. Some haven’t, and their fanbases have remained static or waned (i.e. Oceano), while those who have (Whitechapel, Suicide Silence) are bigger than ever.

That leaves room for bands like The Last Ten Seconds of Life — who have been around since 2010, but whose profile has increased of late — to come and take up the mantle. They’ve got plenty of groove, as you’ll hear in their new song “Little Black Line,” so they should have no problem wowing both deathcore purists and those whose tastes have evolved. No, they aren’t reinventing the wheel, but we think you’ll find plenty to like here if you’re into this kind of music in the slightest.

The Violent Sound comes out on October 21st; pre-order here (US/Canada) and here (everywhere else). Upcoming tour dates here with Traitors and Spite.

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