Shit That Comes Out Today: October 21, 2016

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Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


.- -… … . -. -.-. . (Avantgarde)
On a playlist with: Ihsahn, Usnea, Astronoid
Listen .- -… … . -. -.-. . full stream (here)

Nicholas Cage’s son is an extreme metal guy, but imagine if the progeny of John Williams became fluent in black metal? Well, Mesarthim has made that unnecessary via their new album and its morse-code title (“Absence”). This is black metal lost in space, twisting blindly as stars one after another burst in its field of vision, climax upon climax. Are there any quiet moments, build-ups, dips? Or just euphoria? There’s black metal more chaotic, more bestial, more dizzying — but none as big as Mesarthim’s.


pretty-recklessThe Pretty Reckless
Who You Selling For (Razor & Tie)
On a playlist with: Drill, Paramore, In This Moment
Listen “Prisoner” (here) “Oh My God” (here) “Take Me Down” (here)

In 2016, a fan of hard rock might spend a lot of time plowing through collections of weird, hyper-processed jingles just in hopes of discovering an enjoyable hard rock album, one that is at least measurably the way you like hard rock (ie. not a horribly-dressed computer soaked in energy drink). That perseverance pays off rarely, but bigly. That’s how you found the 2014 album by The Pretty Reckless, or as you lovingly refer to them, Teen Actor & Three People Hired By Her Management. Anyway, a lot of that album Going To Hell is awesome, again despite the handicap of production that sounds awful to your particular ears. Its bad songs are instant deletes, so it’s not alarming that their new album’s first three songs are duds; the rest of Who You Selling For? could be awesome, like last time. What is alarming is the way these songs suck, so flat, basic, and lifeless.


Man Does Not Give (PRC)
On a playlist with: Pyrrhon, Ulcerate, Dysrythmia
Listen Man Does Not Give full stream (here)

Fans of Pyrrhon, did you know about the other band featuring those dudes? Seputus. Drummer Steve Schwegler states that the inspiration of Man Does Not Give comes “from reading a lot about drone warfare, barotrauma, and some ordnance literature I read during my military service. Most of my instrumental ideas are inspired by news articles, books, movies, visual imagery, and personal experiences. I wanted to evoke the scattershot violence and collateral damage that occurs at street level when an explosion occurs amongst a populace.” Holy shit!


anagnorisis peripeteia lpAnagnorisis
Peripeteia (Vendetta)
On a playlist with: Xasthur, Testament’s The Gathering, Lord Mantis
Listen Peripeteia full stream (here)

An “anagnorisis” is defined as “a moment in a play when a character makes a critical discovery. The definition of band Anagnorisis’ new album title Peripeteia is “a sudden reversal of fortune or change in circumstances.” These weird terms might’ve remained undefined to most in pre-internet days, but today vocalist Zachary Kerr is only slightly obscure about the storyline of their third album. He puts the idea across in more certain terms via song titles like “5306 Morningside” and “Disgust And Remorse.” Then there’s the cover art: A boy cowering in a late-autumn clearing. Mind you a listener encounters all this before having heard a note. Therein the album is misery black metal, a startling opera of family disorder on the wavelength of The Crimson Idol.


Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways to DieObituary
10,000 Ways To Die (Relapse)
On a playlist with: Warbringer, Kreator, Deicide
Listen 10,000 Ways To Die full stream (here)

It says something about a band’s live performance when their drummer is recruited by the rocker most committed to ragingly pumping jams ever on Earth: Obituary rips. So your disappointment about Obituary’s new album — only two new songs — turns to elation at 12 live cuts that follow them. I swear, even where they tweak tempos (ie. slower), this live shit is awesome. Its only loss is the honor of Loudest Ride Cymbal of the Week to Recitations (below).


Mute Books (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Cryptopsy, Mitochondrion, Imperial Triumphant
Listen Mute Books full stream (here)

A rendering of a three-dimensional maze scrawled in blood on a decrepit scroll: Auroch does tech-death metal without the clarity. It’s like BTBAM feat. James Murphy produced by Eriks Danielsson and Rutan and stripped of all resolution. It’s out on Profound Lore records, so you know it’s stressful as fuck.



ars-moriendi-sepelitur-alleluiaAmaranthe Maximalism (Spinefarm) listen
Anata The Infernal Depths Of Hatred reissue (KaosKvlt) listen
Ars Moriendi Sepelitur Alleluia (Archaic Sound) listen
An Autumn For Crippled Children Eternal vinyl (Wickerman) listen
Bestial Invasion Trilogy: Prisoners Of Miserable Fate (Shellfire Attack)
Black Oath Litanies In The Dark collection (Terror From Hell) listen
Church Tongue Heart Failure (Blood & Ink) listen
bestial-invasionThe Chronicles Of Israfel A Trillion Lights, Tome II (BOH) listen
Claustrofobia Download Hatred (PRC) listen
Concepts Misguided (Stay Sick) listen listen
Darke Complex Point Oblivion (Spinefarm) listen listen listen
Darkrypt Delirious Excursion (Transcending Obscurity) listen
Debackliner Debackliner (Pitch Black) listen
Destiny Climate Change (GMR) listen
church-tongueDestrage A Means To No End (Metal Blade) listen
Dethonator Dethonator listen
Endalok Englaryk CD (Hellthrasher) listen
Existance Breaking The Rock (Black Viper) listen
Eyexist The Digital Holocaust (PRC) listen
Furia Guido (Pagan) listen
Glitter Wizard Hollow Earth Tour (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen
minenwerfer1914-ich-hatt-einen-kameradenHanoi Rocks Strange Boys Box anthology (Cleopatra) listen
Icethurs Unlocked Doors (Bud Metal) listen
I Prevail Lifelines (Fearless) listen listen listen
Iron Whip Absence Of White listen
Istvan Istvan (Aural) listen
Khemmis Hunted (20 Buck Spin) listen
Killing Addiction Shores Of Oblivion EP (Xtreem) listen
mithrasKix Can’t Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix documentary DVD/CD (Loud & Proud) watch
Korn The Serenity Of Suffering (Roadrunner) listen
Lament Cityscape and Theologian Soft Tissue (Battleground) listen
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life The Violent Sound (Siege) listen
Merso Red World (Good To Die) listen
Minenwerfer 1914 Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden split (Archaic Sound) listen
static1-squarespaceMinotaur Head Minotaur Head (War Anthem) listen
Mithras On Strange Loops (Willowtip) listen listen
Ohio Knife Scalp Or Be Scalped listen
Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill: 20th Anniversary Edition (Rhino) listen
Planes Mistaken For Stars Prey (Deathwish) listen
Queen Elephantine Kala (Cimmerian Shade) listen
T.O.M.B.Recitations The First Of The Listeners (Avantgarde) listen
Riverside Eye Of The Soundscape (Inside Out) listen
Shadecrown Agonia (Inverse) listen listen
Sixty Miles Ahead Insanity (Eclipse) listen listen
Stained Glory Hate Corrodes EP listen
Soulwound No Peace (Inverse) listen
Thought Eater/Iron Jawed Guru Vortex 6 split (Grimoire) listen
verberis-vexamenT.O.M.B. Fury Nocturnus (Peaceville) listen
Ultar Kadath (Temple Of Tortuous) listen
Verberis Vexamen (Iron Bonehead) listen listen
Vornth Black Pyres (Iron Tyrant) listen listen
Warcrab Scars Of Aeons (Black Bow) listen
Wovenwar Honor Is Dead (Metal Blade) listen listen

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