Ex-God Forbid Guitarist Doc Coyle Launches “Ex Man” Podcast Featuring Ex-Members of Metal Bands


Podcasting is fucking hard. While it seems like it’d be easy to sit in front of a mic and rant (it is), being good at it — and having an original angle — is what sets apart the pros from the amateurs. We happen to think Chuck and Godless of The MetalSucks Podcast do an excellent job, but we’re biased.

Here’s a new one with a whole lot of potential: Doc Coyle, formerly of God Forbid, just launched a podcast called The Ex Man in which he’ll chat with other former ex-members of metal bands. His guest pool is a treasure trove that, these days, is endless, and I expect there will be a LOT to talk about from the transition from band life to pedestrian life, the reasons his guests quit their bands, factors the industry played, etc.

And who better to host such a podcast than Doc? As we’ve learned from years of his columns right here on MetalSucks, Doc is sharp, insightful, and knows a hell of a lot about the music business, and music itself. He’s also very honest, which I expect will make him especially gifted at pulling that same honesty out of his guests, a crucial element to whether The Ex Man ends up being interesting.

The first episode just went live on iTunes, and it features ex-DevilDriver drummer John Boecklin. I’m just now pressing play, so if you’re able to finish before I do let us know how it is in the comments.

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