For Today Members Hoping a Re-Brand Will Make You Forget What Dicks They’ve Been

  • Axl Rosenberg

With For Today getting ready to break-up and eventually reunite, the band’s members will now need other ways to occupy their time. For guitarist Ryan Leitru  and bassist Brandon Leitru (no relation (just kidding they’re brothers)), that other way to occupy their time will apparently be a new project, Nothing Left. So much for today, I guess.

(I’m obligated to mention that The Brothers Leitru never said anything about anything during the whole initial For Today homophobia brouhaha. So either they agree with their bigoted band mates, or they’re cowards. Either way, they can go stick their dicks in mouse traps as far as I’m concerned.)

The band name ‘Nothing Left’ may be one-hundred-and-eighty degrees away from ‘For Today,’ but their music still eats out rotten dead moose ass. A shit-covered rose by any other name still smells like shit.

Nothing Left have signed with Nuclear Blast, so presumably they’ll have an album out at some point in the not-too-distant future. We can only hope the world ends before then.

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