Watch Varg Talk About Killing Other Humans for Nine Minutes


Good old Varg Vikernes has really gone down the rabbit hole now. In keeping with the recent shift on his YouTube channel towards topics related to black metal and his past, his latest video focuses on killing other humans — since, as we all know, he’s done that — and how that action is perceived by society.

His basic argument: that we shame him for killing Euronymous in self-defense but we endorse government-sanctioned killing in war, often of innocent civilians.

Two things here:

  1. He’s delusional; we don’t endorse his killing of Euronymous simply because we don’t buy his explanation of self-defense.
  2. We don’t endorse government-sanctioned killing in war, either.

Then, about halfway through the video, Varg starts talking about some Danish film and says, “Not a single person from some minority group is quotated (sic) into this film, so that’s another good thing about European films.” And then I promptly turned off the video.

This fucking guy.


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