Gwar Stop by the Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show, Cover One of Stern’s Sixth Grade Band’s Songs


I haven’t listened to Howard Stern since about 1999 when his show was on K-Rock in NYC, the station my alarm clock radio was set to every morning. Stern’s voice got me right out of bed to shut that shit the fuck off. Apparently he’s still got legions and legions of fans, though, which is weird to me because I rarely encounter any. I guess it’s kinda like Nickelback and ICP; someone is buying all those records!

In any case, Gwar stopped by The Howard Stern Show’s “Wrap Up Show” (which apparently doesn’t feature Stern himself) on Halloween, and joined in on the time-honored tradition of making fun of Stern by covering a song his band in sixth grade played. Check out Gwar’s rendition of “Silver Nickels” below, which Stern himself said the next day he was quite tickled by. Stern’s never had any problem with humor at his expense, and who better to deliver that than Gwar?

[via Metal Insider]

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