You Can Put Those Avenged Sevenfold Double-Album Conspiracy Theories to Bed, According to the Band


There have been some fan theories circulating this week that Avenged Sevenfold are planning to drop ANOTHER surprise album in December. You can catch up on those theories here if you’re so inclined, but the tl;dr version is that people were reading VERY far into some images the band has put out. We didn’t report on the conspiracy because a) it seemed pretty far-fetched, b) we’re tired of writing about Avenged Sevenfold this week.

But Avenged Sevenfold just put those conspiracies right to bed in an AMA on Reddit. Responding to the theory regarding the image inside the left eye on the image from their website (above) — which fans speculated could be a future album cover, since the image inside the right eye ended up being the first — frontman M. Shadows said:

The other eye represents a human eye. Basically a nod to Paradigm in that it is half man half machine.

He elaborated on the conspiracy:

I really should have kept my mouth shut about the evolving album. We will have some surprises and fun stuff but this is the main record. There are not two albums… we killed ourself with this one and two would have just been too much. If you go into the evolving record without expectations I think most people will really enjoy it.

So yeah, that’s pretty much done. I mean, he COULD be throwing fans off the scent intentionally — shit, the band just did exactly that — but I kinda doubt it.

[via The PRP]

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