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New Animals as Leaders Song “Inner Assassins” Will Assassinate Your Insides


Earlier today when we published Max Frank’s official review of the new Animals as Leaders album The Madness of Many we had no knowledge the band would be releasing another single from that album the very same day. Perfect timing!

Here’s a pretty nifty assessment that Max noted of the album’s cohesiveness, finding the band diving further into their collective, unique sound as a unit:

So, with their fourth album, where are Animals as Leaders at? Surprisingly, they seem to be going further inward. Matt Garstka has said that The Madness of Many is the band’s most natural-sounding album, and he’s spot-on. As note-y and layered as most moments on the album are, the album feels like it has more in common with a small-ensemble Thelonius Monk recording than it does a Periphery album. So often, virtuoso musicians continue down individual paths of musical acrobatics — it’s cool to hear Animals playing together first, and individually second.

What better track to showcase those qualities than “Inner Assassins?” It sounds like no track AAL have released before, and it’s exactly what Max is talking about: more than ever, the song feels like it was written by the band as a whole, showcasing every member’s talents equally (and those are quite a lot of talents, to be sure).

The Madness of Many comes out on November 11th via Sumerian. Listen to another track called “The Brain Dance” here and pre-order the album here.

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