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Here’s a Rare, Early Trivium Demo Called “The Storm”


Trivium - Ember to InfernoEmber to Inferno will always hold a special place in the hearts of Trivium fans. I can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone say it’s their FAVORITE Trivium album, but it was their first, it put them on the metal map in a huge way, and it’s remarkable to listen back now to the extent to which their sound was already developed so early on.

Trivium will reissue that album on December 2nd via Cooking Vinyl, and they’ve just put out a previously unreleased track called “The Storm” that’ll be included. Says frontman Matt Heafy:

“The Storm” is a Trivium track of legend. It’s been completely absent from the world for ages since it was only available on the Trivium ‘Blue Demo’ (aka ‘Caeruleus’) — a demo that has been rumored to be priced at hundreds of dollars on auction websites. This song lyrically is inspired by the Norwegian Oskoreia, which is a European folk legend that is known to have inspired Black Metal’s very creation.

“The Storm” is a piece that foreshadows where Trivium would eventually go with its more progressive pieces like much off the Shogun album; it’s a blend of instrumental technicality, melody, and brutality.

Totally hearing the Shogun vibes here. Check it out below and pre-order the Ember to Inferno reissue in a variety of different configurations here.

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