Enlarge Iwers (Middle) and Svensson (left) are no longer in the band.

Listen to In Flames’ New Song, “Save Me”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Remember for a minute there when it seemed as though perhaps In Flames’ new album, Battles, would not be more of the same completely boring and forgettable material that appeared on the band’s last three albums?

Man, those were good times.

Unfortunately, the more of this album we hear, the more it seems like Battles is going to be another Swedish melodeath equivalent to Ben Stein’s voice.

Again: “Save Me” isn’t a bad song, just a lifeless one. I’ve listened to it twice in ten minutes and I already forget how it goes. It’s metal’s answer to muzak.

Listen to “Save Me” below and make up your own mind. Battles is out a week from today.

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