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Behold The Arctopus Have a New, Albeit Short, Album Out Called Cognitive Emancipation.



Behold… the Arctopus. Behold the Arctopus. Behold, the Arctopus? Gentlemen, behold! An Arctopus.

Ellipses be damned.

You all know who I’m talking about: the trio that makes really bizarre sounding metal that can’t really be classified and is somehow inspired by everything? Well, they’re back.

Awesome! Their new album is called Cognitive Emancipation. The group’s releases always take a few plays to really grab me, but the first listen had me enjoying most of what I heard. It’s a bit short by most album standards but the band put out this statement regarding its length:

“THIS IS NOT AN EP time is elastic. length is subjective. don’t discriminate.”

Yeah! Don’t be an asshole and discriminate against albums based on their length. Jerk.

The album was produced by the band’s own guitarist Colin Marston, which comes as no surprise considering he’s been filling that role since the band’s beginning. Stream or download this bad boy right now; physical copies will be out in early December.

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