Varg Vikernes on Trump’s Victory: “Wake up to a day of light after years of pitch black darkness.”


There is one thing Varg Vikernes has right in his latest video, which discusses (sort of) Trump’s U.S. presidential victory: that the mainstream media has lost much of its power. And that Trump’s win is a victory for white people.

Everything else is completely delusional, as usual.

Could it be any more clear that Trump’s victory was fueled by angry white people who fear losing their long-held power in society? Even racist, bigoted, misogynistic, white supremacist killers from Norway are cheering him on.

Varg spends most of the video framing Trump’s election as a repudiation of mainstream media, which he describes as “So full of shit” and “anti-European… supporting the white genocide, 100%.”

Because, as we all know, it’s white men that have it so tough all over the world!

Varg stops short of saying outright that he’s a fan of Trump, but does express enthusiasm and hope for the future on account of his win: “The victory of Trump is not as much a victory for whites as it is a loss for the mainstream media and the established order.” And he bleeps out a segment about Hillary Clinton that he deemed “too truthful.”

He slams a Norwegian newspaper for being “anti-white racists” for their reaction to Trump’s lack of appeal to minorities. “You can’t be white anymore? You can’t have a straight nose? You have to be a lesbian, latino or black, or at least have one in your family or family picture? These people are fucking sick!”

So, yeah. That’s your Trump base: Varg.

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