“Solitary Son” Bronson Ellery Had Swastika Tattoos


Over the weekend, Bronson Ellery, a.k.a. “Solitary Son,” a.k.a. “The Lizard Man,” was found dead alongside his ex-girlfriend, Shelsea Schilling, in an apartment on Australia’s Gold Coast. Ellery was twenty-four years old; Schilling was just twenty.

While initial reports suggested the deaths were part of a murder-suicide, this morning various Australian news outlets indicated that the deaths were now being investigated as “suspicious,” or a possible double-murder. Now, it seems, they’re back to being classified as a murder-suicide. There is surely a whole lot of evidence to sort through, and it’ll take a while before we know what really happened, if ever.

One thing is for certain, though: if you already throught Ellery was a piece of shit for his association with The Bandidos Motorcycle Club — a gang with “a long and brutal history of illegal activity” who describe themselves as “the people our parents warned us about” — and for his stint in jail for “willful damage, attempting to pervert the cause of justice and two counts of breach of bail” — and for taking his ex-girlfriend’s life! — then you’re about to think he’s an even bigger piece of shit.

In a “tattoo tour” video posted on Ellery’s YouTube channel in October, two swastika tattoos are plainly visible on his body.

Ellery had no respect for human life; he was true scum. He had no place on earth. He will not be missed by many.

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