“Solitary Son” Bronson Ellery and Ex-Girlfriend Found Dead in Alleged Murder-Suicide

  • Axl Rosenberg

Bronson Ellery, a.k.a. “Solitary Son,” a.k.a. “The Lizard Man,” has been found dead alongside his ex-girlfriend, Shelsea Schilling, in a Gold Coast apartment. Ellery was twenty-four years old; Schilling was just twenty.

Police have launched a homicide investigation, and The Daily Mail reports that as of this writing, Detective Senior Sergeant Matthew Ward has said the pair died as a result of “unknown circumstances.” But Schilling’s mother, Bonnie Markwell Mobbs, has accused Ellery of murdering Schilling before taking his own life. “Bastard had no life took his and my baby girl,” the bereaved mother wrote this morning on her Facebook page. “Rott [sic] in hell Bronson. Let my angle be safe.”

Ellery came to the attention of the metal community in 2014 thanks to his objectively bad music and equally-silly videos. Furthermore, he was a member of The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, a “one-percenter” gang who have “a long and brutal history of illegal activity” and describe themselves as “the people our parents warned us about.” The same year he released his first atrocious music video, he was sent to jail for “willful damage, attempting to pervert the cause of justice and two counts of breach of bail.” Last we heard from him, in the summer of 2015, he’d been released and was working on an album he wrote while in prison, which he claimed was “a lot better and heavier than my previous stuff.”

Whether or not Ellery’s new material was, indeed, an improvement is irrelevant now. No one deserves to meet a tragic end just because of a lack of talent. But this is Ellery’s legacy. He made atrocious music and did atrocious things. He can never be redeemed. He won’t be a punchline anymore — he’ll be something far less desirable. That’s not justice, but it’s the closest thing we’ll ever get.

Our thoughts are with Bonnie Markwell Mobbs and Schilling’s other loved ones during this tragic time.


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