Shit That Comes Out Today: November 25, 2016

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Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


List (Southern Lord)
On a playlist with: All Pigs Must Die, Young And In The Way, Sepultura
Listen List full stream (here)

It’s lazy to tune out weird non-English language band names, but anybody might do that a bit. It’s a lot of work to file them correctly in your memory. There’s Urfaust, Kvelertak, Ulver, Kampfar; Neige Eternelle, Neige Et Noirceur, Scythia, and Scythian. The ones you don’t love kinda recede to the part of your brain that stores the “familiar but not reliably remembered.” I applaud dudes who can keep tons of underground bands straight (especially the European ones), but I feel that most conversations on this topic involve each speaker’s struggles to place bands — or their outright conflations. “Wait, are we talking about Nyx or Syk?” “Which one’s Dodheimsgard and which is Isengard?” “Is Varg a member of that band called Varg?” No biggie, it’s not a huge obstacle. Martyrdod shouldn’t worry about it, they’re officially on the “must-know” list via List, their new classic. You’ll worry as you listen to it that you’ll have to tweak your “Best of 2016 albums” list. No, that artwork is not upside down.


those-darn-gnomesThose Darn Gnomes
The Zodiac
On a playlist with: Painkiller, Body Stuff, Kayo Dot
Listen The Zodiac full stream (here)

You may remember the arrival of Mr. Bungle’s sophomore album in 1995. It was a bit shocking, this very long, very uncooperative representation of their advance from proggy spaz metal with awesome melodies to antagonistic avant garde. On top of that, Disco Volante is distant and dense, so it took a few listens to make you certain that it is awesome. Here in 2016, Those Darn Gnomes speaks a similar language but way less cryptically. Their new album The Zodiac doesn’t ellude your attention; it is an elephant buttfucking a bus packed with scrap metal. Beautiful. Listen to this at least once.


suffer-yourselfSuffer Yourself
Ectoplasm (Cimmerian Shade)
On a playlist with: Obsequiae, Aevangelist, Dir en grey
Listen Ectoplasm full stream (here)

The most special music results when two things happen: Something true is expressed, and it doesn’t quite resemble anything else. So as above in this week’s STCOT, here we experience a singular work of art via the title track of Suffer Yourself’s new album. Funereal, miserable, and kinda militantly expressionist, “Ectoplasm” sounds so sincere because no one would make those sounds if they could actually help it.


Born (Transcend)
On a playlist with: Coheed & Cambria, Agent Fresco, Volbeat
Listen Born full stream (here)

Of all the “types” of vocalizing, which can you tolerate the least? Is it the black metal scream, the gurgly cookie monster, the Neurosis bellow that seems to accompany a step into a bear trap? Or is it the passionate whiny art-metal guy that best makes you barf? All the heavy breathing, the entreaties, the nice clothes? The eyes squeezed shut? If so, that’s awesome because you get to derive enjoyment from albums that are totally painful to everyone else, and it’s awesome because we get to make fun of you a ton.


totten-korpsTotten Korps
Supreme Commanders Of Darkness (Blood Harvest)
On a playlist with: Boston, Tool, Terrence Malick
Listen Supreme Commanders Of Darkness full stream (here)

It’s tantalizing to hear of a band whose first demo arrived in 199o, first album in 2001, and second album in 2016. That’s glacial. Maybe the members of Chilé’s Totten Korps are perfectionists, extremely lazy, or slow to draw inspiration. Or maybe it’s that they reside in a third world nation where life is cheap and society is dominated by swine. After all, that’s what’s delaying Tool!


Wrath (Argento)
On a playlist with: Mínus, Lamb Ov God, Darkthrone
Listen “Lazarine” (here) “Prototype” (here)

The following is a creator of the cacophonous, infinitely oppressive new black metal gem speaking about its first cut (“Lazarine” above): “The riffing under heavy distortion is the proof that the cold Norwegian black metal riff was invented somewhere in sunny … California in the ’60s. I mean that the phrase similarity with ’60s surf rock is obvious. Just jam Del Shannon’s mega hit ‘Runaway” with your guitar, for example.” Don’t let those words break down your defenses. This is chaos.



black-hole-generatorAC Angry Appetite For Erection (SPV) listen
Azaghal Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (Nine Circles of Hell) reissue (Moribund) listen
Beasto Blanco Beasto Blanco (Rat Pak) listen
Black Hole Generator A Requiem For Terra (Dark Essence) listen
Blackthorn The Rotten Ways Of Human Misery reissue (Chaos) listen
Bloodride Planet Alcatraz (Inverse) listen
borewormBölzer Hero (Iron Bonehead) listen listen
Boreworm Entomophobia EP listen
BrokenRail BrokenRail EP listen
Cokegoat Drugs And Animals listen
Defiant Time Isn’t Healing (Ferrum) listen
Deteriorot In Ancient Beliefs reissue (Xtreem) listen
Dischordia Thanatopsis (Rogue) listen
cokegoatDot Legacy To The Others (Setalight) listen
Dowager Title Track EP (Standard Brickhouse) listen
Exoto And Then You Die: The Fifth Season collection (Vic) listen
Fetid Zombie Epicedia (Transcending Obscurity) listen listen
Full Scale Riot Empower (Eulogy) listen listen listen
Hæresiarchs Of Dis Tria Prima Diabolica EP (Moribund) listen
Heavydeath In Circles We Die (Iron Bonehead) listen
dischordiaKarma Rassa Talks To Innerself (Sound Age) listen
Khaos Dei Opus II: Catechism (Osmose) listen
Killswitch Engage Beyond The Flames: Home Video Part II DVD/CD (Roadrunner) listen
Krepitus The Eyes Of The Soulless listen
Lauri Ainala Orpokotijuhlat Saarella (Svart) listen
Leprous Live At Rockefeller Music Hall (Inside Out) listen
mortualiaLiber Null I, The Serpent (Osmose) listen
Mark Zero Ballistica listen
Master Of Cruelty Archaic Visions Of The Underworld (Blood Harvest) listen
Mortualia Wild, Wild Misery (Moribund) listen
Nekro Drunkz Lavatory Carnage (Moribund) listen
Oni Ironshore (Blacklight/Metal Blade) listen
Ordog The Grand Wall (Solitude) listen
red-cainPentacle Ancient Death reissue (Vic) listen
Perpetual Demise Arctic reissue (Vic) listen
Pestilence Presence Of The Pest live (Vic) listen
Primogenorum Damned Hearts In The Abyss Of Madness (Forever Plagued) listen
Primordial Gods To The Godless – Live At Bang Your Head
Festival Germany 2015
 (Metal Blade) listen
scorchedRed Cain Red Cain EP listen
Root Kärgeräs – Return From Oblivion (Agonia) listen
Science Of Sleep Hellmouth (Bastardized) listen listen
Scorched Echoes Of Dismemberment (Unspeakable Axe) listen
Sister Stand Up, Forward, March! (Metal Blade) listen
Solitude Beneath The Sky (Test Your Metal) listen
Various Karmaflow Soundtrack (Gravitron) listen
Violblast Conflict (Suspiria) listen listen listen
Witchery In His Infernal Majesty’s Service (Century Media) listen

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