Metallica Chill with the Canadian Cover Band They Almost Accidentally Sued

  • Axl Rosenberg

You may recall that way back in January, a Canadian Metallica cover band called Sandman got a cease-and-desist from Metallica’s Metallawyers. Which obviously made Metallica look like a bunch of unwiped assholes — who the fuck threatens to sue a cover band?

Luckily, the whole thing turned out to be a misunderstanding; Metallica blamed an “overzealous attorney” for sending the cease-and-desist without their knowledge or authorization. Sandman now had, in their own words, Metallica’s “full blessing and approval” to keep on performing Metallica songs for people who want to go see Metallica but can’t go see Metallica right now for whatever reason.

Now, Rock Feed reports that this strange story has taken another awesome turn: “Metallica invited the tribute band to come party with them at their show in Toronto this week,” and gave the tribute band props on Instagram, where they currently have 2.8 million followers.

Hanging with Sandman, Canadian tribute band #metallica #metintoronto

A photo posted by Metallica (@metallica) on

Sandman are now calling themselves “The Only Metallica Sanctioned Tribute.” Given how much of their lives they’ve devoted to playing Metallica music, I’m sure this made their lives.

So… good on Metallica for doing something cool again! Maybe they should change their name to “Menschtallica.” We sure have come a long way from people demanding Lars be lynched for the whole Napster fiasco, huh?

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