Shit That Comes Out Today: December 2, 2016

  • Anso DF

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


Still EP (Throatruiner)
On a playlist with: Oathbreaker, Young And In The Way, Dendritic Arbor
Listen Still EP full stream (here)

It’s kinda nuts, but MetalSucks favorites Cowards had even more awesome material than the ten jams that populated their 2015 juggernaut Rise To Infamy. But nearly 22 months later, here’s Still — three new cuts, two Rise-era cover songs — from the guys we count on to decode life in post-Bataclan Paris. Their reminagining of “Every Breath You Take” (titled “You Belong To Me”) is profound, yet far from the EP’s best moment. Watch this band, they’re on the verge.


Winterwaker (Hammerheart)
On a playlist with: Kjeld, Darkthrone, Absu
Listen “Winterwalker” (here)

If ever an audit was made of MetalSucks coverage, some nerdbag analyist would spot an irregularity: There’s a massive disparity between our “play count” of Kjeld’s awesome 2015 album Skym and the amount of mentions of its authors in our pages. Let’s start correcting that right now by pointing you to Tarnkappe, a project that shares a member with Kjeld. Crank it up!!!!


stench-priceStench Price
Stench Price EP (Transcending Obscurity)
On a playlist with: Atheist’s Elements, Cynic, Cannabis Corpse
Listen Stench Price EP full stream (here)

Stench Price mastermind Peter Shallmin: “The primary idea [is] to mix raw death metal and grindcore with the relaxing warmth of bossa nova and lounge music … Being a long-time collector of unadapted Caribbean, Latin-American (mostly Brazilian) music, I’ve got a serious foundation in bossa nova and lounge. I desired to show a symbiosis of most intense fury and chilling atmosphere, which is inherent in bossa and lounge.” Sure, why the fuck not!


enuff-znuffEnuff Z’nuff
Clowns Lounge collection (Frontiers)
On a playlist with: Aerosmith, Oasis, Mr. Big
Listen “She Makes It Harder” (here) “Rockabye Dreamland” (here) “Good Luv” (here) “Dog On A Bone” (here)

It wasn’t until 1999 that it felt good again to love Cheap Trick. Once America’s greatest power pop rockers, they had wilted in the wake of a mega-hit ballad — which succeeded despite (and to the detriment of) their down-to-earth vibe. Then came an awesome tour on which Rick Nielsen and crew performed each of their first four albums across multi-night stands in big markets. Since then and their theme for a hit sitcom, Cheap Trick is rightly a Mount Rushmore band in rock. Likewise, this fate awaits hook gods Enuff Z’nuff, but on a much smaller scale. Someday


witchfinder-voidhangerWitchmaster / Voidhanger
Razing The Shrines Of Optimism (Third Eye Temple)
On a playlist with: Celtic Frost, Ravencult, Desaster
Listen “Burnout Hearts Exhibition” (NSFW) (here)

From STCOT author to STCOT reader, I offer a tip about new music discovery: If it’s on the video streaming service Vimeo that you encounter an advance song from some exciting new release — not on YouTube like usual — hold on to your lunch cuz the video is probably disturbing to the point of nausea. Update 12/2/16: New release date is January 20  


ash-borerAsh Borer
The Irrepassable Gate (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Predatory Light, Krypts, Auroch
Listen The Irrepassable Gate full stream (here)

When it comes to tiny niche record labels, I wonder about the numbers. Of course there’s no shortage of amateur and emerging bands — just scope a roster of the thousands of awkward regional metal fests — but what number of hours and dollars must be stretched to discover and develop artists with zero profile? In our modest corner of the music world, how many demo submissions and insider tips yield each year’s worth of albums for any of the awesome little labels? Does either party get paid even a five-digit sum for a massive amount of work? In other words, all these questions amount to one inquiry: How is Profound Lore Records so awesome?



atropasArriver Emeritus (Scioto) listen
Atropas From Ashes EP (Wormholedeath) listen
Avenged Sevenfold The Best Of 2005-2013 (Warner Bros.) listen
Axis and Seraph The Light Axis and Seraph The Light EP (Good Fight) listen
Bethlehem Bethlehem (Prophecy) listen
Beyond Belief Rave The Abyss reissue (Hammerheart) listen
axis-and-seraph-the-nightCrest Of Darkness Welcome The Dead (My Kingdom) listen
Crucify Me Gently Circles listen
Crystal Lake True North (Artery) listen
Csigo Rite Of Sounds listen
Dario Mollo’s Crossbones Rock The Cradle (Frontiers) listen
Eternal Idol Unrevealed Secret (Frontiers) listen
Famishgod Roots Of Darkness (Xtreem) listen
csigoFeral From The Mortuary EP (Cyclone Empire) listen
Flidais Kazador listen listen
Fromhell March On Gravitation (Naturmacht) listen
Golden Rusk What Will Become Of Us? listen
GreyAblaze GreyAblaze (Ashen Dominion) listen
Hazzard’s Cure Smoke Iron Plunder (Lummox) listen
Hevidence Nobody’s Fault (Frontiers) listen
famishgodHollow Earth Dead Planet (Good Fight) listen
Infinite Earths Into The Void listen
Korean Fire Drill More Badass Than Half Ass listen
Kratornas Devoured By Damnation (Grathila) listen
Krullur … Failure To Comply EP (HPGD) listen
The Loom Of Time NihilReich (ATMF) listen
Malacoda Ritualis Aeterna EP listen
fromhellNaberus The Lost Reveries (Eclipse) listen
Nails / Full Of Hell split (Closed Casket Activities) listen
NiteRain Vendetta (LiveManagement) listen
No More Fear Malamente (Memorial) listen
Ranger Speed & Violence (Spinefarm) listen
Razor Sharp Death Blizzard You Will Burn listen
Revel In Flesh Emissary Of All Plagues (Cyclone Empire) listen
krullurScum Garden Of Shadows (1996) (Blood) listen
Spore Lord In The Beginning listen
Stone Ship The Eye (Feuer) listen
SYK I-Optikon (Housecore) listen
Trivium Ember To Inferno reissue (Cooking Vinyl) listen listen listen
Turbo Shokk Get Radical (Edgewood) listen
Violet Cold Magic Night (Tridroid) listen
Violent Magic Orchestra Catastrophic Anonymous (Throatruiner) listen
Worm Ouroboros What Graceless Dawn (Profound Lore) listen

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