Five Finger Death Punch Figure Out that Phil Labonte Will Read Anything on His Prompter, Dupe Him Into Singing About Dicks

  • Axl Rosenberg

Here is an interesting fact we didn’t know about All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte before: he has a touch of Ron Burgundy in him.

How do we know this? Because Five Finger Death Punch recently Veronica Corningstoned him, that’s how.

At FFDP’s show in Duluth, GA on December 10 — Labonte’s last as the band’s temporary frontman — the group swapped the lyrics to their hit, “The Bleeding,” from “I remember when all the games began” to “I remember when all the dicks began.”

And Labonte actually sang it.

The funny thing here isn’t that they made a dick joke worthy of a four-year-old (they also replaced his mike with a dildo, hardy har har) — it’s that they were so easily able to take advantage of Labonte’s empty-headedness. How far into the line do you think Labonte was when he realized what he’d sung? If someone hired him to present at an award show, do you think they could get him to read “I can’t actually sing” off the prompter?

[via The PRP]

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