Worse: New Band Featuring a Trio of Former 3 Inches of Blood Members Could Not Be Better

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’ve got good news, bad news, and good news for fans still reeling from the evaporation of 3 Inches of Blood.

The good news is, The PRP reports that a trio of the band’s members — specifically, guitarist/vocalist Justin Hagberg, guitarist Shane Clark and drummer Matt Wood — have launched a new project called Worse. Which is an amazing name I can’t believe wasn’t taken already.

The bad news is, Worse does not sound like 3 Inches of Blood, so if you were hoping they’d scratch that itch, you’re outta luck.

The good news is, Worse’s first demo sounds friggin’ AWESOME. It’s got tons more chunk, groove, and crust than 3IoB, and is absent the King Diamond-style falsetto vox. The itch they scratch is much closer to Fight Amp (R.I.P.) than any trad metal act. So if you never liked 3 Inches of Blood but enjoy, say, Eyehategod and Whores, you should check out Worse — I have a feeling you’ll dig ’em.

Listen to Worse’s demo below. You’ll know more about the band’s future plans when we do.

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