And the New Guitarist for Joey Jordison’s Vimic Featuring Joey Jordison is…

  • Axl Rosenberg

…Steve Marshall!

[photo not found]

Who is Steve Marshall, you ask? No idea! The official announcement posted on Jordison’s website includes no prior credits. Allmusic.com lists more than a thousand people named “Steve Marshall,” none of whose credits immediately scream “Now in a band with the dude from Slipknot.” The Metal Archives lists three Steve Marshalls, two of whom have been absent from the metal scene since the early 80s, one of whom is a flautist that has recorded with Inanimate Existence. Assuming Vimic’s Steve Marshall is a multi-instrumentalist, he seems like the most likely candidate of the three, but that’s still not saying much.

Me personally? I’m hoping it’s the Steve Marshall from Gene Loves Jezebel.

I would also settle for the guy from “New York’s wildest party band.”

Regardless of the fact that we dunno who this Marshall dude is, there’s a logic to Jordison selecting him for the position. Marshall will, after all, replace Kris Norris (ex-Darkest Hour), one of the most revered shredders in recent memory. Why would you ever wanna fill such big shoes with an experienced musician people have heard of? Amiriteoramiriteoramirite?

[via The PRP]

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