Video: King 810’s David Gunn Addresses Detroit Concert Cancellation

  • Axl Rosenberg

King 810 vocalist David Gunn has released a video statement regarding the band’s cancellation of a Detroit show this past weekend because they weren’t allowed to bring guns into the venue. In the video, Gunn reiterates that these were legal firearms and the band was in no way violating Michigan state law. He then attempts to justify the band and their crew’s refusal to enter the venue unarmed:

“The guns we had were not props or for the stage, they were real weapons carried [and] legally licensed by people legally licensed to carry them for our own security and protection. Having been shot before in the past, this is not something we slack on or risk or leave to chance or take lightly… This wasn’t some kind of stubborn stunt or gimmick or act. On top of this, we were being singled out and profiled, and we were told that personally.”

I’m sincerely trying to see this from King 810’s point of view… but at the end of day, despite Gunn’s claim otherwise, this does feel like it was a stubborn stunt meant to reinforce the band’s gimmick.

Were the members of King 810 currently in danger of being shot at? Did they have prior knowledge that they were being targeted? If so, how serious were those threats? If they were so serious the band felt like they couldn’t leave their guns at home… I dunno, maybe they shouldn’t have been playing a show in the first place. Maybe they should have been holed up somewhere, ready to fend off any assassination attempts.

I’m not trying to be cute or flip. I’m earnestly attempting to follow the logic that says the band would rather cancel a show at the last minute than be unarmed for a few hours.

Watch Gunn’s video below and make up your own mind as to whether or not the band reacted appropriately:

[via The PRP]

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