Give Yourself a Pre-Christmas Treat and Listen to Krallice’s Prelapsarian


How appropriate that Krallice dropped their new album, Prelapsarian, at 5 a.m. this morning — shortly before  those of us who occupy the EST time zone were enjoying (“enjoying”) this year’s winter solstice. In theory, that would be a pretty grim move… ‘cept Prelapsarian is so good, it’s bound to brighten your day.  Prelapsarian is so mind-bending, it will turn your brain into a pretzel. It could also very well end up being the last great metal release of 2016, depending on the whether or not that new Nine Inch Nails EP, which comes out Friday, is any good.

Listen to Prelapsarian below, then buy it here. Or just buy it and then listen to it. It’s Krallice. It’s fucking great. You don’t need to hear it to know you want it.

[via Gear Gods]

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