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Let Code Orange’s “Bleeding in the Blur” Do the Rocking in Your Ear

  • Axl Rosenberg

Wow… I did not see this new Code Orange jam comin’.

“Bleeding in the Blur” is not the crazy-stupid-frothing-with-rage Code Orange to which you’re accustomed. NPR, who debuted the track, call it “a darkly catchy pop song that sounds as if it’s been carved from obsidian,” which is an apt description. It was clearly very influenced by the kinds of bands that would have been featured on MTV’s Alternative Nation in the mid-90s. Like, it isn’t quite as poppy as, say, The Breeders, or as punky/pissed-off as, for example, L7… but it’s definitely got all those elements in it.

What it has most in common with Code Orange songs, then, is simply this: it’s killer.

Check out “Bleeding in the Blur” below. Code Orange’s new, Kurt Ballou-produced album, Forever, which will be released on January 13 via Roadrunner. The band kicks off a tour that very same day; get dates here.

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