Baja With Dolphins


I went down to Baja with a few friends in my old bus. One day, on a desolate beach, we dropped some acid and took a long walk/adventure. At one point the rest of the group stopped to trip on something but I kept going. A long ways down the beach I came upon a dead dolphin. It was a beautiful animal and did not appear to have been dead very long. Silky smooth skin, all muscle, long lean snout, blowhole. In my state of mind I felt some sort of communion with it, even though it was dead. I don’t know if I was experiencing it’s Chi as it was leaving it’s body or what, but I had this amazing sense of peace and love and well being, like being wrapped in a blanket of love, but it was also erotic. Before I knew it I was totally erect, like raging hard. There was no stopping this boner and I just started to rub it, whipped it out and whacked it while enveloped in this amazing warm energy. In no time at all I had one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever experienced. I went and jumped into the ocean, I have honestly never felt more alive. I can’t explain my actions to this day and never told anyone (except my wife).

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