Here’s a Trailer for the Documentary Addicted to Pr0n, Narrated by James Hetfield from Metallica


Interesting day for James Hetfield stories. First, we learned that the Metallica frontman believes in “a higher power.” Now, The PRP reports that Hetfield will narrate the upcoming documentary Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly. Here’s the trailer, which, alas, does not feature any of Hetfield’s work:

Gotta say, I am beyond curious as to why Hetfield took this job. Is he friends with the filmmakers? Is he or someone he loves a recovering porn addict? Is this cause simply near and dear to his heart? Or did they just pay him a ton of money? The last one seems unlikely to me… this does not look like a high-budget production.

Addicted to Porn is tentatively scheduled for release in April.

Now you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go to my office to watch some, uh, educational videos. No one come in without knocking for a while, I, um, don’t want you to break my concentration. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

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