Metallica’s James Hetfield: “I Believe in a Higher Power”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Metallica’s James Hetfield has revealed that he believes in “a higher power.” And, no, he does not seem to just mean Lemmy.

France’s Clique recently asked Hetfield if he believes in God. Hetfield responded thusly:

“I believe in a higher power, yes. I don’t know… he, she, it… whatever… I see it everywhere. It is everything to me. And if I choose to see it, it makes me feel better. If I think I can do better [than this higher power], it never works. [Laughs]”

When then asked if this higher power had saved Hetfield’s life, the Metallica frontman said:

“I believe so. I believe that a higher power, whatever it may be… Sometimes I think it’s… ‘Oh, it’s my father coming back to help me,’ or my mother, or somebody, or Cliff . It’s all one anyway. So if I choose to see it… It shows up in my wife a lot. She will say, ‘What are you doing? Don’t do that.’ That used to make me angry. ‘Don’t tell me what to do.’ But, okay, I understand that something is here helping me. Something is saying… If I choose to hear it, then I choose to hear it. Sometimes I don’t. But it’s everywhere.”

Hetfield’s answer is somewhat surprising given that he was raised a Christian Scientist, who should really be called “non-scientists” — they don’t believe in messing with God’s will by using pesky technologies like medicine, and as a result, Hetfield’s mother, Cynthia, died of cancer when he was just sixteen. You’d think an experience like that would turn Hetfield off of God altogether.

But it’s worth noting that a) the interviewer, and not Hetfield, first brought up the topic of God, b) Hetfield is wise enough to understand that if there is a higher power, he/she/it may be beyond our understanding, and c) Hetfield doesn’t say anything about gays going to Hell or whatever. I guess my point is, James Hetfield, unlike some spiritual metal musicians, isn’t an asshole about his beliefs. That‘s the kind of spirituality worth respecting.

Watch the full interview below.

[via Metal Injection]

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