Looking for an Answer? Look No Further Than “La Carne Del Leviatan”



What is the meaning of life? Is there some sort of higher power? Is there any form of existence after death? Who the fuck just bought The Black Album last week? These are the big questions which great thinkers have asked themselves throughout human history.

Madrid’s Looking for an Answer don’t offer literal responses to these questions, but their music does suggest a philosophical reply: existence can be miserable, destructive grindcore can be cathartic, and everything else is bullshit.

Take, for example, the band’s new single, “La Carne Del Leviatan” (“The Meat of Leviathan”). Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to be a leaf on the whirlwind of violence this track offers, and suddenly distracting quandaries like “How can there be an all-loving God in a world where Thy Art is Murder exists?” cease to seem important. The grind is with you and you are one with the grind. Woosa.

Achieve enlightenment with “Le Carne Del Leviatan” below. The song appears on Looking for an Answer’s new album, Dios Carne, which comes out April 28 on Willowtip. Pre-order physical copies here and digital editions here.

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