Scott Kelly from Neurosis Set to Cameo on New Mastodon Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

Neurosis’ Scott Kelly has appeared on every Mastodon album to date, save for their debut, Remission. And if you thought that the new Mastodon record might be an exception — you thought incorrectly!

In a new interview with the That’s Not Metal podcast, Kelly reveals that he is, indeed, going to appear on the album:

“I just got it this morning… it’s fucking good, it’s really good. I have not listened to the whole thing completely yet, I’ve gotten through about two-thirds of it. It’s aggressive. It’s the same guy who produced ‘Crack the Skye’ [Brendon O’Brien], but the production is not quite as shimmery as that is, it’s a little bit rawer, which I like, although I really thought ‘Crack the Skye’… I really kind of hold up as the pinnacle for them in my mind. I need to digest [the new record]. It’s a great album. It’s heavy.”

To me, the most exciting part about this quote is Kelly’s use of the words “aggressive” and “heavy.” The Hunter and Once More ‘Round the Sun were both fine, but I miss the Mastomosh. I really thought the band would never release anything like that ever again, but it sounds like I was delightfully wrong.

You can listen to the entire interview below. The bit about the Mastodon album begins around the forty-three minute mark.

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