Officially Official: Ken Sorceron from Abigail Williams is the New Vocalist for The Faceless


The world began to suspect that Ken Sorceron from Abigail Williams was the new frontman for The Faceless back in June. The clues were subtle: first Sorceron toured with The Faceless, then The Faceless guitarist Justin McKinney (also of The Zenith Passage) gave an interview where he revealed that the band had just been on tour with their new vocalist. Somehow, fans put two and two together and guessed Sorceron had joined the group.

That news has now been confirmed within a press release announcing that Abigail Williams have signed with Blood Music (via The PRP):

“In addition to being one of the main vinyl engineers for Blood Music releases… Sorceron is also currently finishing up vocal duties on the new The Faceless album.”

So that’s that, at least until the next time they switch vocalists.

In the meantime, there is still word on when this new album from The Faceless will actually be complete. McKinney said it was “pretty much done” six months ago, and now this press release says Sorceron is still recording his parts, so… who the crap ever knows with this band. Hopefully it comes out before the new Tool record.

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