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Mastodon: Complete Details of New Album Revealed


Well, someone couldn’t hold their wad.

Following this morning’s tease for the new Mastodon album’s name and cover art (along with a sample of new music!), The PRP reports that ALL of the album’s details have now leaked via a posting on the Australian edition of iTunes.

The record is called Emperor of Sand and will be released March 31. Here’s the cover art in its entirety…


…and here’s the track list:

  1. “Sultan’s Curse”
  2. “Show Yourself”
  3. “Precious Stones”
  4. “Steambreather”
  5. “Roots Remain”
  6. “Word to the Wise”
  7. “Ancient Kingdom”
  8. “Clandestiny”
  9. “Andromeda”
  10. “Scorpion Breath”
  11. “Jaguar God”

A digital single of the opening track, “Sultan’s Curse,” is already available on iTunes Australia; apparently that’s the song which is currently being teased on the new EoS website.

Given that, I’d expect the full song to be released any second now. Stay tuned…

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