Someone Hijacked a Pizza Delivery Guy’s Car and Stole Everything Except a Zakk Wylde CD


I happen to quite enjoy Pride & Glory, Zakk Wylde’s first solo album released by the outfit of the same name in 1994; it’s a phenomenal performance by a young Zakk, on fire and in his prime. But apparently robbers aren’t interested in Zakk’s bluesy, twangy, chicken-pickin’ side: the crooks that stole a pizza delivery guy’s car (and then returned it the next day!) took everything, including Black Sabbath and Black Label Society albums, but left the eponymous Pride & Glory debut.

St-John’s, Newfoundland pizza delivery driver Josh Cook left his car running while delivering a pie, only to return to find his vehicle gone — in the middle of a blizzard. According to Cook, the car was located by the police 24 hours later — in the very same spot he’d left it! — with all its content lifted except the Pride & Glory CD. The robbers also left Cook with a new snow shovel, a losing scratch lotto ticket and a full tank of gas (!), but at a price: considerable damage to the vehicle’s suspension, transmission and exhaust.

“I’m a pretty big metal fan and I still use CDs,” said cook to Munchies, Vice’s food site. “They took everything, my Black Sabbath and Black Label Society albums. But they left my Pride and Glory album, which is one of the best albums that Zakk Wylde ever recorded. So I’m thankful for that. But all my best albums are gone.”

We feel you, dude! We’ve all been on that side of the robbery equation, and nothing feels worse.

Cook elaborated in a Facebook post of his own:

“Thank-you everyone for sharing the post about my stolen car. It has been located and taken for processing by the police. It was found in the middle of the road on springdale street exactly where it was stolen from 24 hours prior. None of the interior contents except one CD were still there – but i had gained a losing scratch ticket and a snow shovel. It seems that its undriveable as it may have been abused while joyriding – but they filled up my gas tank – considerate skeets right? Thank you for your kind words and your help. All thats missing now is to replace my phone and hopefully find out who stole it so there can be some justice – not holding my breath on that one.

The joyriders left a clue to their identity with the losing lotto ticket: “The last four numbers [of the ticket] are unique to the convenience store it was sold at. The cops are investigating, but we have a phone number to go off of, too. When the delivery was called in, the number on the receipt was different from the one of the caller ID.”

“With any luck I should be able to get into some form of vehicle and get back to work,” said Cook. “I want to get out there and get a regular job where I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing happening.” Probably a good idea.

Read the full report at Munchies.

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