Staind’s Aaron Lewis Calls Donald Trump a “Patriot”

  • Axl Rosenberg

In what will no doubt come as a massive shock to the metal community the likes of which makes last week’s drama with Tom Araya seem about as controversial as a new tour announcement, Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has revealed that he is pro-Trump.

In a new interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Lewis calls the sitting President a “fiscally conservative, socially libertarian, constitutionally driven patriot.” Lewis goes on to assert the need for “capitalism with a conscience” and says that while he backed Ted Cruz during the primaries, he “proudly jumped into the basket of deplorables and voted for Trump” and would not have had a problem playing Trump’s Inauguration “like Beyoncé and everyone that would’ve.”

A few things to take away from this:

  • Lewis doesn’t know what words mean. No one who actually understands the definition of phrases like “fiscally conservative” or even simply the word “conscience” would ever earnestly apply them to Donald Trump.
  • Lewis has never read the Constitution. There’s nothing in there to back up Trump’s current course of action. There’s definitely nothing in there about the pros of being a foreign government’s puppet.
  • Lewis lacks self-awareness. He “jumped into the basket of deplorables” from where? If he was supporting Ted Cruz, wasn’t he already in that basket?
  • Lewis is not in high demand. So while Trump’s people were desperately searching for name musicians to play the inauguration, NO ONE contacted anyone associated with Lewis? They tried to book a Springsteen cover band, for fuck’s sake!

The silver lining is that unlike with, say, Phil Anselmo, you do not need to feel conflicted about continuing to enjoy Staind’s music. Because Staind’s music has always sucked. But now if you’re in the car with a buddy and Staind comes on the radio and your friend wants to leave it, you can be like “You know this tool supports Trump, right?” and change the station without further argument. Thanks, Aaron!

[via Metal Insider]

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