Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Has a Solo Album Coming This Spring, Maybe


When Mastodon’s Brent Hinds began this video interview at The NAMM Show last weekend by talking about horse sausage, my first thought was that Loudwire host Toni Gonzalez was playing it too straight, a missed opportunity to roll with the punches and get Hinds to say some completely ridiculous shit. But bless her for sticking with it, because 1) Hinds spent the interview’s entire six-minute duration saying almost nothing BUT completely ridiculous shit anyway, and 2) She was able to get one slice of real information out of him, between his comments about horse sausage, his plans to burn down the band’s new studio for insurance money and an obvious disinterest in being interviewed at all.

If Brent Hinds himself is to be believed (and we’re not so sure if he is), he’ll release a solo album called Cold Dark Place this coming June, allegedly on Record Store Day (more on that in a moment). “[It’s] basically myself. I’m a cold dark place. I just need fire. Actually, I’m hot all the time. That doesn’t make any sense,” Hinds offered. He elaborates: “It’s [about] the concept of living and how much it hurts to be alive.”

The first sign that Hinds’ claims about his own release might not be 100% accurate is this: Record Store Day isn’t in June. It’s on April 22nd. The second sign is… have you watched the rest of this interview? And do you know anything about Brent Hinds at all? But this much, I think, is certain: there is a Brent Hinds solo album coming in the not-too-distant future. We’ll have to wait to hear about the rest!

Watch the Loudwire interview below. It’s classic Hinds, as colorful as ever.

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