Enlarge Alex Bent live with Battlecross in 2014. Photo Credit: Minty Pics

Video: Trivium Perform Live with New Drummer Alex Bent for the First Time


Paul Wantdke was let go by Trivium last month — he’d only been playing with the band for about a year — and the band revealed that session drummer Alex Bent (who’s played with Battlecross, Testament, Brain Drill and Decrepit Birth, among others) was next in line.

(If you lost track of the revolving door of Trivium drummers, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: read this.)

Bent played his first show with the band last night (Saturday, February 11th) in Dublin, and naturally there’s already fan-filmed footage online with decent-sounding audio.

We already know Bent to be an extremely competent skinsman, so that he already sounds locked in and on-point despite it being his first time ever playing live with Trivium shouldn’t surprise anyone. Here are a few songs, via Blabbermouth:

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