Dave Mustaine Responds to House Band Playing “Master of Puppets” at Grammy Win


One day we will no longer be forced to talk about silly drama that unfolded during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards last night. That day is probably tomorrow, or at worst the day after that.

And one day we will no longer be forced to talk about the silly drama that is Dave Mustaine’s relationship with his long-ago bandmates in Metallica. That day is… wait, no, that’s never.

As sick of this storyline as I am, I admit it’s too fitting that the Grammy house band played ‘Tallica’s “Master of Puppets” as Megadeth strode to the stage to accept their award for “Best Metal Performance,” their first ever win (out of 12 nominations) to Metallica’s eight. Mustaine took it in stride, air-guitaring to the song while walking down the aisle of a half-empty amphitheater, and his response to a fan on Twitter was even better:

Tomorrow in metal news, we’ll get back to our usual hyperbolic reporting of what Mustaine said about Metallica in response to a dumb question by some blogger in the Czech Republic. But for today: live it up, Dave, you win this round!

[via Metal Injection]

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