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Chelsea Grin Guitarist Dan Jones Accepted to Medical School

  • Axl Rosenberg
Photo by Wellington Gibson

Looks like Chelsea Grin guitarist Dan Jones’ interest in the human anatomy extends behind slicing up cheeks: Jones has revealed that he’s been accepted to medical school.

Jones, who has appeared on all of Chelsea Grin’s albums to date, took a leave of absence from the band in 2015 while he studied microbial mercury methylation at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. Although he hasn’t said as much, I have to imagine this will permanently mark the end of his tenure with Chelsea Grin. Med students simply do not have the free time necessary to write and record and tour on anything resembling a regular basis.

I’m not a Chelsea Grin fan, so, assuming Jones is leaving the band, I have no idea how it will impact their music. Does he write a lot? And if so, maybe they’ll get much, much better now? If Jones’ acceptance to med school means the world gains a skilled medical professional and loses some generic deathcore, it’ll be an all-around win.

[via Rock Feed]

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