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Kid Rock Suggested by Republicans for U.S. Senator of Michigan


The guy that sells t-shirts with blue states labeled “Dumbfuckistan” could end up with a position representing his home state of Michigan in the U.S. Senate.

Roll Call reports that Rock’s name (errr, Bob Ritchie) is one of several that was floated at a Michigan Republican party convention last weekend. Democrat Debbie Stabenow has held one of Michigan’s Senate seats since 2001 (the other belongs to fellow Democrat Gary Peters, who was elected in 2015), but Republicans see the seat as vulnerable when it comes up for vote in 2018 due to Donald Trump’s electoral success in the state.

Is this what you wanted, Michigan?? A confederate flag-defending, pro-Trump (previously Ben Carson), wannabe redneck from friggin’ Romeo?? You’ve already made me embarrassed to call your state home for five years of my life.

It’s by no means a certainty that Rock would even run — he has yet to comment publicly on the suggestion — but the mere fact that it’s even being considered as a possibility is a microcosm of the scary, scary times we live in.

But hey, BAWITABA, right???

[via Loudwire]

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